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File Classification Server

DiskSorter Server is a server-based product version, which runs in the background as a service and is capable of performing multiple, parallel file classification operations, save file classification reports, submit reports to a centralized SQL database, perform advanced history trend analysis operations, etc.

DiskSorter Server Client GUI Application

DiskSorter Server includes a full-scale client GUI application providing all features available in the desktop product version and additional capabilities allowing one to classify files on multiple servers and NAS storage devices simultaneously, schedule periodic file classification operations and perform advanced history trend analysis operations locally or via the network.

DiskSorter Enterprise Web-Based Interface

In addition to the client GUI application, DiskSorter Enterprise provides a complete web-based management interface allowing one to configure, control and manage the product using a regular web browser locally or via the network. Finally, DiskSorter Server includes a command line utility, which may be used to control one or more DiskSorter Servers locally or via the network, perform file classification operations and save file classification reports from batch files and shell scripts.